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Datatypes R2 Issue 27

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Data Types Issue 27: EIVL<TS> Issues


EIVL<TS>: Deprecate many of the current event codes that are of the form Ax, Px, Ix (ante-x, post-x, inter-x), such as ACV, PCV, ICV. Instead put in codes for simply C, CM, CD, CV, etc. to indicate the event. Then the offset interval would be interpreted as follows: negative offsets are measured from the start of the event (e.g., 30 min before breakfast) and positive offsets are measured from the end of the event (e.g., 2 hours after meals.) The problem with the present definition is that the offset direction (whether it is before or after) is indicated by the sign AS WELL AS the event code.

? backward compatible.



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