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Datatypes R2 Issue 22

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Data Types Issue 22: New CD definitions


Revised definitions as approved by Vocab:

o originalText: The text as seen and/or selected by the user who entered the data. Original text can be used in a structured user interface to capture what the user saw as a representation of the code on the data input screen, or in a situation where the user dictates or directly enters text, it is the text entered or uttered by the user. It is valid to use the CD data type to store only the text that the user entered or uttered. In this situation, original text will exist without a code. In a situation where the code is assigned sometime after the text was entered, originalText is the text or phrase used as the basis for assigning the code.

o displayName: A name, title, or representation for the code as it exists in the code system identified by the value of codeSystem. This must be a valid human readable representation of the code as it exists in the code system at the time of data entry. Normally, this would be the human readable representation of the code that the sending system shows to its users. The displayName is included so that an unaided human interpreter of a code value has a human readable description of what the code meant within the code system at the time of data entry

Cecil proposes a change to CD.translation to be:

A set of other concept descriptors that translate this concept descriptor into synonyms within the same code system or into concepts from other code systems.

Also need to clarify how CD.originalText works with translations



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