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Datatypes R2 Issue 15

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Data Types Issue 15: XML Representation of Collection Type and NullFlavor


Currently, in the XML ITS, There is no element to represent the Collection. Instead, there is a series of elements for the contents. So there is nowhere to specify the type of the list if this is specialized, or the nullFlavor of the list itself.

Specify in the XML ITS that if the collection contains a single item that has a nullFlavor and no other attributes or elements, then the nullFlavor applies to the list, not to the first item of the list.

There is no way to put a nullFlavor on a list – not an uncommon operation, nor is there any way to specify that the type of the list has been specialized from the model, though this is less common.

? backward compatible: Technically not backward compliant – perhaps someone is already sending a collection with only one item which has a flavor of Null?


Addition of text describing rule applying to a collection with a single item with a flavor of null.

Addition of listType to List:


  <hl7:listType type=”CS”>
   <gsd:paramname="T" type="ANY" />
           <gsd:attributename="itemType" type="T" />






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