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Data Types R2 issues

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This is the register of known data types issues for Data Types R2

Topic Type Category Status
Add CD Abstract ?
Add DRVQ mixin for Quantity QTY Abstract ?
Add ED.translation ED Abstract ?
Add GTS.code GTS Abstract ?
Add HIST.controlActIdRef HIST Abstract ?
Add PIVL.frequency PIVL Abstract ?
Add PLIST as LIST ancestor LIST Abstract ?
[[DTR2 Add STT datatype|]] ST Abstract ?
Clarify BAG-SET-LIST relationship COLL Abstract ?
Create URG constraint on UVP UVP Abstract ?
Derive ADXP and ENXP from SC AD / EN Abstract ?
Drop identity-equality distinction ANY Abstract ?
Generalize originalText ANY Abstract ?
Relax Unit Constraint on PQ PQ Abstract ?
XML Representation of Collection Type and NullFlavor COLL XML ?
XML Representation of SLIST SLIST XML ?
Add title or filename to ED ED Abstract ?
GTS.translation GTS Abstract ?
Add Bounded PIVL (BPVL) PIVL Abstract ?
[[DTR2 Cardinality of IVL<T>|Cardinality of IVL<T>]] IVL Abstract ?
New mime types for CDA ED Abstract ?
New CD definitions CD Abstract ?
Rename Snomed RT Vocab Abstract ?
vocab domain issues Vocab Abstract ?
II.reference II Abstract ?
Special CDA Type ED Abstract ?
[[DTR2 EIVL<TS> Issues|EIVL<TS> Issues]] EIVL Abstract ?
GTS literal GTS XML ?
[[DTR2 PPD<T> issues|PPD<T> issues]] PPD Abstract ?
Add Bag.literal BAG Abstract ?
Null constraints all Abstract ?
cd.code rules CD Abstract ?
language binding in XML ED XML ?
Removed Properties all Abstract ?
UID Case sensitivity II Abstract ?
URI issue URL Abstract ?
Fax issue URL Abstract ?
Type Substitution all Abstract ?
DEL null content issue ADXP Abstract ?
ProbabilityDistributionType vocab Abstract ?
decimal significance REAL Abstract ?
RTO xsi:type RTO XML ?
order of HIST and HXIT narrative Abstract ?
PIVL issues PIVL Abstract ?
comp name SET Abstract ?
PPD QTY.diff issues PPD Abstract ?
xml attributes all XML ?
CS element form Abstract ?
PQR originalText PQR Abstract ?
CD.original text demotion CD Abstract ?
CO numeric value CO Abstract ?
Missing demotions all Abstract ?
IVL attribute names IVL Abstract ?
CE definition error CE Abstract ?
Update mode & Audit Trail all Abstract ?
SRCH semantics AD / EN Abstract ?
II.useCode II Abstract ?
GTS Frequency Code GTS Abstract ?
Unknown home phone number TEL Abstract ?
Data Type Flavors all Abstract ?