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Data Types R2 issues

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This is the register of known data types issues for release 2. (R2 XML ITS datatypes has been merged into this list for XML ITS data type issues.)

R2 Datatypes Taskforce

Status list:

  •  ? : to be clarified
  • clarification: still gathering information
  • discussion: clarification is complete. discussion is progressing
  • proposal: has been resolved out of committee, waiting for formal resolution in committee
  • approved: INM has approved the proposed resolution, waiting for the editor to apply to the document
  • complete: editing is complete
  • abandoned: proposal has been abandoned
ID Topic Type Category Status Ranking
1 Add CD Abstract approved Significant
2 Add DRVQ mixin for Quantity QTY Abstract Proposed Very Significant
3 Add ED.translation ED Abstract Proposed Significant
4 Add GTS.code GTS Abstract Proposed Very Significant
5 Add HIST.controlActIdRef HIST Abstract Proposed Trivial
6 Add PIVL.frequency PIVL Abstract Proposed Significant
7 Add PLIST as LIST ancestor LIST Abstract Proposed Signficant
8 Add STT datatype ST Abstract Proposed Significant
9 Clarify BAG-SET-LIST relationship COLL Abstract Proposed Significant
10 Create URG constraint on UVP UVP Abstract Proposed Very Significant
11 Derive ADXP and ENXP from SC AD / EN Abstract Proposed Trivial
12 Drop identity-equality distinction ANY Abstract Proposed Very Significant
13 Generalize originalText ANY Abstract Proposed Significant
14 Relax Unit Constraint on PQ PQ Abstract Proposed Normal
15 XML Representation of Collection Type and NullFlavor COLL XML Proposed Normal
16 XML Representation of SLIST SLIST XML ? Normal
17 Add title or filename to ED ED Abstract ? Trivial
18 GTS.translation GTS Abstract ? ?
19 Add Bounded PIVL (BPVL) PIVL Abstract ? ?
20 Cardinality of IVL<T> IVL Abstract ? Trivial
21 New mime types for CDA ED Abstract Approved Trivial
22 New CD definitions CD Abstract ? Trivial
23 Rename Snomed RT Vocab Abstract Proposal Editorial
24 vocab domain issues Vocab Abstract Discussion Trivial
25 II.reference II Abstract ? Normal
26 Special CDA Type ED Abstract ? Trivial
27 EIVL<TS> Issues EIVL Abstract ? Significant
28 GTS literal GTS XML ? Significant
29 PPD<T> issues PPD Abstract ? Significant
30 Add Bag.literal BAG Abstract Proposal Trivial
31 Null constraints all Abstract Approved Significant
32 cd.code rules CD Abstract Approved Normal
33 language binding in XML ED XML ? Significant
34 Removed Properties all XML ? Normal
35 UID Case sensitivity II Abstract ? Trivial
36 URI issue URL Abstract ? Trivial
37 Fax issue URL Abstract Approved Trivial
38 Type Substitution all Abstract ? Normal
39 DEL null content issue ADXP Abstract ? Editorial
40 ProbabilityDistributionType vocab Abstract Abandoned Nothing
41 decimal significance REAL Abstract Abandoned Nothing
42 RTO xsi:type RTO XML ? Normal
43 order of HIST and HXIT narrative Abstract ? Editorial
44 PIVL issues PIVL Abstract ? Signficant
45 comp name SET Abstract ? Trivial
46 PPD QTY.diff issues PPD Abstract ? Significant
47 xml attributes all XML Proposal Normal
48 CS element form CS XML Approved Trivial
49 PQR originalText PQR Abstract ? Normal
50 CD.original text demotion CD Abstract ? Editorial
51 Support for Likert scales CO Abstract Discussion Normal
52 Missing demotions all Abstract ? Trivial
53 IVL attribute names IVL Abstract ? Significant
54 CE definition error CE Abstract Proposal Editorial
55 Update mode & Audit Trail all Abstract Clarification Normal
56 SRCH semantics EN Abstract ? Significant
57 II.useCode II Abstract Discussion Significant
58 GTS Frequency Code GTS Abstract ? Signficant
59 Unknown home phone number TEL Abstract Discussion Significant
60 Data Type Flavors all Abstract ? Normal
61 PHON semantics EN Abstract ? Significant
62 Add AD.use PHON+SRCH AD Abstract ? Significant
63 IVL narrative issue IVL Abstract Proposal Editorial
64 IVL center issue IVL Abstract ? Significant
65 IVL center/width and low/high issue IVL Abstract ? Editorial
66 conformance to preferred OID root II,C* Abstract ? Significant
67 Clarification of Promotion and Demotion All Abstract ? Normal
68 Text Telephone Number TEL Abstract Proposed Normal
69 CD.translation changes CD Abstract Approved Catastrophe
70 PQR Visibility PQR Abstract Proposed Trivial
71 LanguageCommunication DataType -- Abstract Rejected Nothing
72 DATAVALUE.specialisationType -- Abstract Proposed Significant
73 CD.valueSet -- Abstract Proposed Normal
74 Unencoded NullFlavor -- Abstract Proposed Trivial
75 II Root Usage warning -- Abstract Proposed Trivial
76 II.reference URI not just URL -- ITS Proposed Trivial