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Da Vinci PDex FHIR IG Proposal

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Da Vinci Payer Data exchange (PDex) Implementation Guide

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Scope of coverage

This project will define exchange methods (push, pull, triggers, subscription), use of other interoperability "standards" (e.g. CDS Hooks and SMART on FHIR) and specific use of FHIR resources to effectively exchange payer information regarding the current or previous care, including the provenance of the data, of one or more specific patients/members with a provider responsible for evaluating/specifying/ordering/delivering care for the patient.

IG Purpose

Providers need access to payer information regarding current and prior healthcare services received by the patient/member to more effectively manage the patients care. Currently, no FHIR implementation guide exists to standardize the method of exchange (push, pull, triggers, subscription, etc.) or the formal representation (e.g. Bundles, Profiles and Vocabulary) for specific elements of payer information of interest to providers. This implementation guide will provide a standard for adoption by both payers and providers for the exchange of payer information.

Content location

Proposed IG realm and code


Maintenance Plan

The Da Vinci project intends to provide ongoing support of this implementation guide

Short Description

Payer data exchange with providers to support care coordination.

Long Description

Initial use cases are focused on a patient seeing a provider (e.g. PCP) for the first time (relevant payer history) , a repeat visit for the same patient with the same provider (what happened since the last visit that occurred outside of my institution / HIE / ...), and a visit of a patient with specialist (+care team information) . Each of these use cases focuses on a subset of the total payer record for the patient that may be appropriate for the specific setting. Specific guidance will be given for query capability and subsequent filtering of results prior to incorporation of the information into the provider' patient record. The project is focused on identifying patterns of exchange (interaction and content) that are appropriate for establishing implementation guidance to ensure standardization in the request and response across providers and payers.

Involved parties

This implementation guide has been developed by U.S. EHR and Payer organizations as part of the Da Vinci project.

Expected implementations

Content sources

Requirements are drawn from payer and provider organizations as part of the Da Vinci initiative.

Example Scenarios

IG Relationships

This project will reference, where possible the "standards" defined by the Health Record exchange (HRex) Framework Implementation Guide which in turn will utilize prior work from Argonaut, US Core and QI Core effort for FHIR DSTU2, STU3, and R4.


Ballot for Comment (First Ballot Cycle)

2019 May Ballot

Submit for STU Ballot (Second Ballot Cycle)

2019 Sep Ballot

When IG Proposal Is Complete

When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to

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