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DCM-MD Meeting 2010.07.26

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DCM for Medical Devices Meeting

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Meeting Information

Meeting Information



  1. John Rhoads
  2. Greg Staudenmaier
  3. Ioana Singureanu
  4. Jan Wittenber
  5. Jay Lyle


  1. Ioana Singureanu and Jay Lyle: Discussion of recently posted use case and draft DCM document

  1. (5 min) Other Business


DCM Medical Devices Draft for Comment

Discussion Notes

John: The documents are intended to be general to the point of universal applicability, but the use cases are very particular members of a wider class that includes other institutions and geographical areas -- the rationale must be handled carefully and explained carefully in the documents.

Jay Lyle DCM Introduction should discuss dual purpose of developing DAM and the new artifact type of DCMs (which at this point is a method development as well as a content development project), and the relation between the DAM and the DCMs.

Further discussion of intubation case particulars. Commenter will send comments to Jay or update the wiki.

Action Items

Continue development and comments on current draft documents

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