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DCM-MD Meeting 2010.06.21

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DCM for Medical Devices Meeting

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Meeting Information

Meeting Information



  1. Convened by / Note taker: John Rhoads
  2. William Goosen
  3. Anneke Goossen-Baremans
  4. Dr. Christof Gessner
  5. Greg Staudenmaier
  6. Catherine Hoang
  7. Scott Powell



  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (10 min) Review previous meeting 2010.05.12 DCM-MD Coordination Meeting @ ISO TC215 WG7 in Rio de Janeiro
  3. (15 min) Creating Clinical and Technical Content for DCM
  4. (15 min) Project Charter Document
  5. (5 min) Other Business


Clinical Elements site that Stan Huff referred us to:

Discussion Notes

Results from Action Items from last meeting:

William Goosen: contacted IHE Netherlands (further contact expected); NICTIZ (interested but not currently a good time for much involvement). Discussed related electronic resources with Stan Huff (see Attachments section for website reference that he provided).

Christof Gessner: checked concerning HL7 formalities of decisions and quorums as applied to this group. Result: as an independent project group we have full latitude to run matters as we think best; no formal votes in project group, formalities come in when a work product is produced and submitted to parent Work Group (Health Care Devices Work Group), where formal voting to accept takes place.

Other Discussion

Scott Powell volunteered to help with the work of the group, and introduced himself and his company (Life Systms, Inc., concerned with interfacing long-term care equipment including automated vital signs monitors, glucose meters, enteral pumps, scales, to electronic medical records systems).

William explained relation of this group's work with more general HL7 Patient Care Detailed Clinical project (refer to wiki page Detailed_Clinical_Models for further information and links), which among other things develops methodology for Detailed Clinical Models / Domain Analysis Models which will guide our more narrowly defined work on device-related models. HL7 Patient Care is cooperating with group working on ISO New Work Item Proposal 13972 quality criteria and methodology for Detailed Clinical Models to determine what must be in a satisfactory DCM.

William reported that the Project Scope document is still being worked on, and that in particular Patient Safety WG had asked to be included.

William and Anneke propose, in view of existing work using the example of blood glucose meters, that the substantive work of this group begin with this relatively simple case.

Group discussed related work in progress at US Veterans Health Administration. Greg Staudenmaier agreed to give a structured overview in next meeting. Catherine Hoang noted that Jay Lyle, the contractor who contributed the draft Project Charter document that was submitted to the DCM-MD project group is no longer available to work on this project. She did not wish to commit to carrying forward the work on this document at this time, but agreed to lead an exploratory discussion of the document in the next meeting, with a view to deciding what DCM-MD should do about completing such a planning document.

Christof called attention to wide-ranging and interesting ongoing discussions on other HL7 mailing lists regarding Domain Analysis Models, pointing out that we could benefit from looking at these.

Group reached consensus that this meeting should continue in this time slot on an every-two-weeks schedule for the present, while also investigating whether another time slot would suit more members, including our modeling facilitator Ioana Singureanu.

Action Items

William and Anneke to translate their existing blood glucose meter materials into English to distribute to the group for discussion in next session.

Greg Staudenmaier to prepare overview of VA work and plans related to DCM-MD.

Catherine Hoang to prepare discussion of draft project charter.

Members to study sample materials on blood glucose meter DCM as they become available.

John Rhoads (and other groups members) to investigate available compilations of device-related use cases to be considered as "raw material" for group's analyses.

Next Meeting

2010.07.05 DCM-MD conference call

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