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DCM-MD Meeting 2010.05.12

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DCM for Medical Devices Meeting

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Meeting Information

This meeting was held in conjunction with the ISO TC215 WG7 Health Informatics - Devices working group meetings in Rio de Janeiro. The ISO TC215 group provides international coordination for device-related informatics and interoperability standards.



  1. Anneke Goossen-Baremans
  2. Patty Krantz (ISO TC215 WG7 Secretary)
  3. Todd Cooper
  4. William Goossen


  1. (05 min) Review DCM-MD Project Status
  2. (25 min) Determine "next steps" - Especially during the Rio ISO & HL7 meetings.

Discussion Notes

See action items below...

Action Items

The following action items were identified and assigned during this "coordination" discussion:

  • (Cooper) General wiki page updates:
- Add link from HL7 Health Care Devices wiki page
- Update DCM-MD home page, meeting template, categories, etc.
- Link in 2010.05.07 meeting notes
  • (All) Review notes from 2010.05.07 meeting in Berkeley
  • (Goossen/Rhoads/Cooper/Ioana) Assess need for coordination between device informatics groups and develop strategy for engagement:* (Goossen) Engage organizations in The Netherlands re. participation in DCM-MD:
- IHE-Netherlands
- NICTIZ (National Institute for ICT in Healthcare), which is implementing a national EHR "switchboard" that is similar to an HIE or a "medical home"
  • (Goossen) Contact Stan Huff re. interest by IMH in DCM-MD
  • (Cooper/Rhoads) Recruit additional IHE PCD interested parties, including...
- Kaiser Permanente (incl. Dr. Peter Hendler)
  • (Goossen/Rhoads/Ioana) Consolidate / organize various MindMaps and other documents under development
  • (All) Review VA's HL7 Project Plan Proposal from Jay Lyle
  • (HL7 DESG Participants) Review CPM Project Scope Statement w.r.t. DCM-MD to be discussed Monday evening during the DESG session.
  • (Cooper) Schedule a leadership conference call early next week to review this action item list
  • (Cooper / Goossen) Schedule October Meetings:
- HL7 Cambridge MA: Joint DCM-MD session with PC, PS, DEV (as WG host)
- ISO TC215 WG7 Rotterdam NL: 1/2 to 1 day discussion depending on progress to that point.

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