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Creating and Using a Document Tab Control on HL7 Wiki

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A "Tab Control" was constructed for the Harmonization Editor Manual. This control is based on one used with the WikiPedia, but it had the be altered since the Mayo Wiki does not use some of the template "function" extensions used in WikiPedia.

The following is an overview of how these are constructed.

Opening Comments

  1. First, I made heavy use of the Wiki "Template" capability. The primary tab Definition is in the Template: name space.
  2. For most of the other templates, I invoke them by using the standard {{TemplateName}} invocation, but by using documents from the general name space preceded with a colon as {{:GeneralDocumentName}}
  3. In order to make the documents easier to edit, I defined a template document for each one of the tabs. These documents are "skinny" holding only their invocation of the "Tab control" template, a clickable "text-bar" for the "table of contents for their section, and a sequence of one or more template invocations that bring in their content.
  4. With this style, internal references within a tab should be entered as #Content_Section. All content sections within a single tab must have unique names, because when the document is assembled, they all appear as children of the template document for that tab.
  5. Similarly, references to content from other tabs should be constructed as Template_Document_For_Other_Tab#Content_Section

Contents of the Tab Control Template

For the Harmonization Editor Manualdocument, the Tab control is held in a template named VocAppStyle/TabsSimple. It can be reached by searching for Template:VocAppStyle/TabsSimple or by following this hyper-link to VocAppStyle/TabsSimple.