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Core Properties of V3 Models

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Core Properties of V3 Models


Notes to Readers

This is the first release of this document. It is intended to provide important background information for implementors trying to implement V3 Static Models, whether they are found in Messages, Documents, or Service Payloads.



  • George W Beeler
  • Grahame Grieve

Introduction and Scope

  • a description of the Document at a minimum sufficient for a person unfamiliar with the work to understand the document’s business, scope and relationship with HL7.
  • the need for a Specification.

V3 Static Models: Overview

Comments about classes, associations, attributes, datatypes and controlled vocabularies




comments about constraints

Refinement, Constraint, and Localization


Key Concepts

Null Flavor

Cardinality & Optionality


Testing Considerations

Vocabulary Conformance

  • domains
  • coding strength

Type Representation

    • typing (typeId & flavorId & templates)

Update control

Referencing Acts

Update Mode

  • doco
    • use cases
    • data types
    • classes

introduction to how RIM & datatypes fit together