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Conversion to SVN


  • Partial dry-run conversion has been successful.
  • Yet to finalize list of converted projects
  • Require a larger allocation of disk space for working space and final repository
  • Suggest some changes to Apache / SVN configuration
    • Use "SVNParentPath" instead of "SVNPath"
    • Repository administrator requires write-access to SVN password file and access file
  • Need to agree authentication scheme
    • Suggest standard Apache Digest authentication
  • Need to agree authorization scheme

Project Conversion Requirements

Missing Files

In order to allow conversion of the v3-ballot-pkg repository, a file was removed from the "Attic" (deleted file area).


The key problem with this file appears to be that CVS decided to treat it as text and the binary format really confuses it. Unless the history of this file is of particular interest, no heroic attempts will be made to reconstitute its history. It is possible to fetch versions as far back as 1.12 from CVS.

Latest Conversion Result

This is the summary of dry-run conversion for all projects currently not considered to be superfluous.

 cvs2svn Statistics:
 Total CVS Files:             52469
 Total CVS Revisions:        131574
 Total CVS Branches:           7045
 Total CVS Tags:             108321
 Total Unique Tags:             118
 Total Unique Branches:          13
 CVS Repos Size in KB:     14298043
 Total SVN Commits:            5234
 First Revision Date:    Thu Jun 17 22:46:08 1993
 Last Revision Date:     Thu Aug  9 17:41:51 2007
 Timings (seconds):
 723.7   pass1    CollectRevsPass
   0.0   pass2    CollateSymbolsPass
  36.0   pass3    FilterSymbolsPass
   0.5   pass4    SortRevisionSummaryPass
   0.2   pass5    SortSymbolSummaryPass
  43.0   pass6    InitializeChangesetsPass
  22.8   pass7    BreakRevisionChangesetCyclesPass
  23.0   pass8    RevisionTopologicalSortPass
   9.4   pass9    BreakSymbolChangesetCyclesPass
  21.1   pass10   BreakAllChangesetCyclesPass
  36.4   pass11   TopologicalSortPass
  24.2   pass12   CreateRevsPass
   0.6   pass13   SortSymbolsPass
   0.5   pass14   IndexSymbolsPass
  46.1   pass15   OutputPass
 987.7   total