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Control Act

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A Control Act (to quote the definition of the CACT classcode) is an Act representing a system action such as the change of state of another act or the initiation of a query. All control acts represent trigger events in the HL7 context. ControlActs may occur in different moods.

The following use cases for Control Acts are known to exist:

  1. The Trigger Event Control Act Wrapper, a Control Act used to convey details of the Trigger Event which caused the Interaction to be sent.
  2. A Control Act contained in the Domain Payload to convey change tracking information (historic trigger events) related to an Act. These control acts are used as references to triggers that have happened related to the focal act at an earlier point in time. All of them will be in Event Mood.
  3. A Control Act contained in the Domain Payload (or possibly Trigger Event Control Act Wrapper) to reference "a trigger event that has not happened yet" (i.e. in RQO Mood). The underlying use-cases still have to be discussed.

Scope of the ControlAct

What is the scope of things that could be in a controlAct (in terms of partcipations, associations and associated classes)?

  • (Rene:) All things that are semantically related to the trigger event are within scope of the controlAct.
  • 20070430: checking the actRelationshipType vocabulary:
    • RSON, SUBJ: already in the wrapper
    • an act relationship to encounter/careEvent. Use-case: trigger part of encounter B, cancelling presciption that was created as part of encounter A
  • ParticipationType vocab still to be reviewed for potential appropriate partcicipations