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Constraint Language

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Update from Grahame (MnM call, 20061110) on constraint language:

  • challenge finding a way to create a constraint language on the abstract datatypes when they're as abstract as they are
  • OCL might actually possible, though it wouldn't be easy to use. Would bind to the RIM types rather than the D-MIM/R-MIM/HMD/template/etc.
  • no significant progress on the HL7-specific constraint language discussed in May
  • challenge translating between constraint formats (OWL, OCL, X-path/Schematron, custom HL7) because they have radically different reference models
  • there's good potential for moving models back and forth between MIF, OWL and ADL (because they all operate at a similar level). Harder to find way to assert predicates
  • integration with CTS is something few languages can handle easily (most systems think about codes as strings, not true concepts that are specializable)
  • recommendation that we look at OCL again

What is needed

  • write OCL spec (Can do by San Diego - need at least 1 quarter)
  • get approval of specification (seek for May 2007 ballot as "DSTU")
  • authoring environment (~ 1 person year, through HTC)
  • author the actual constraints (need 1-2 hour tutorial)
  • enforce (1-2 months)
  • leverage constraints into existing designs (will happen over time)

See Using OCL with Static Models