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Consent Use Cases

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Use Case 1: Patient as care team leader/coordinator

  • History:
- A 55-year-old female patient was discharged from hospital after the acute phase of stroke. She suffered some mild disabilities from the stroke: mild hemiparesis, dysarthria, and dysphasia.
  • Care Team:
- She decided to take on the responsibility of coordinating her own post stroke care and rehabilitation. She established a care team which included her usual general practitioner / family doctor as her primary care provider, a neuro-rehabilitation physiotherapist, a speech pathologist, and a dietitian
- She established a care coordination plan using a spreadsheet
  • Consent:
- She has a personal health record (PHR) and established a consent individually with each of her care team member to have access and contribute to the contents of her PHR
- She also coordinated establishment of a multi-lateral consent to share relevant medical/health information between members of her care team
  • Scope of consent:
- Access to:
- Medical/health history
- Medication history
- Treatment plan
- Progress notes

Use Case 2: Virtual care team with no team leader/coordinator

  • Hisotry:
- A 50 year-old male patient with Stage 1 COPD.
- The patient has good health literacy, motivated, and relatively compliant with treatment/therapy
  • Virtual care team
- Patient's condition was managed primarily by his general practitioner. He visited his community pharmacist regularly for medications and education on effective use of his COPD medications. He also periodically visited a respiratory physiotherapist
- Patient was seen by a respiratory specialist through referral when necessary
- No one in the virtual care team assumed or was nominated as a care team leader or coordinator
- The patient did not actively assume care coordinator or leader role
  • Consent:
- He has a personal health record (PHR)
- He established individual consent with each of the virtual care team member to have access and contribute to his PHR
- He also established individual consent between virtual care team member pairs on an "as needed" basis for information sharing
  • Scope of consent:
- Access to/sharing of:
- Medical/health history
- Medication history
- Treatment plan
- Progress notes

Use Case 3: