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== Working Group Meeting Agendas and Minutes==
== Working Group Meeting Agendas and Minutes==
*[[CGITWG May 2015 WGM Agenda]] Paris, France
*[[CGITWG May 2015 WGM Agenda]] Paris, France
*[[CGITWG January 2015 WGM Agenda]] San Antonio, TX, US
*[[CGITWG January 2015 WGM Agenda]] San Antonio, TX, US

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Note: during the May2011 WGM the Implementation and Conformance WG has renamed itself to clarify the scope.

Note: during the May2007 WGM the Implementation Committee and the Conformance SIG became a new TC. See draft ImpConf Mission and Charter and Actions for ImpConf merger. The Implementation committee was formally wound up, and the Implementation Conformance TC (ICTC) was formed.

Conformance and Guidance for Implementation/Testing

This wiki page is a merger of the content from the two committee's original wiki pages.

The HL7 Implementation committee supports HL7 members and other users of HL7 (draft) standard specifications, with the identification and resolution of issues related to successful implementation thereof.

This Wiki is used to develop an implementation FAQ, as well as a place to maintain and evolve ideas that have been discussed in committee. Formal minutes and agendas will still be maintained and posted to the website - with this space providing for a more fluid development of content, where meeting notes will be fleshed out beyond what may have been said in the meeting, and then used as the basis for other documents. The page history can be used to see what has been added since a particular meeting.

Meeting Information

  • Every two weeks on Monday
  • 4:00 PM US Eastern Time
  • Web Meeting Information:

Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 644843 Will not normally be joining the GoToMeeting, but if needed: 1.


Approved Projects

This section is for projects that are registered with the HL7 Project Office, and for which there are formal project scope documentation

Prospective Projects

This section is for projects that have been considered in the Implementation committee and regarded as potentially useful, but for which there is no current activity:

Dormant Projects

These are projects that have been active, but which are not currently being progressed within the committee.

Closed Projects

These are projects that have been closed.

Committee agenda topics

  • FAQs on the website -- how are they maintained

Current Activities

This section is for projects that are actively being developed in the Implementation committee




Joint with Vocabulary

Action Items

Please find IC work group action items here: IC Action Items. They are categorized as Open and Closed.


Implementation related documents

Conformance related documents

These documents are open documents for editing by any interested party:

NICTIZ have created an implementation oriented discussion document related to conformance and artefact versioning:

Governance Committees

Work Group decision making process:

Documents maintained by other committees

The following documents may be of interest / relevance to implementers, and you are encouraged to read / review / correct / improve them

External documents

  • Example implementation guide
  • Examples:
    • CDA Release 2, see [1] (10 Mb) for a collection of CDA R2 examples, stylesheets and implementation guides. Examples from various realms. A more up-to-date version of this example collection is available here.
    • Normative Edition 2006 examples and schema, see NE2006 Examples. The examples include examples from multiple Realms for multiple domains (e.g. Patient Admin, Lab, Medical Records)
    • May2006 Ballot schema and schema, see German Realm May2006 Examples. Most examples are related to Patient Registries or Financial Coverage. Some schema have been constrained to fit the requirements of the German realm.
    • NICTIZ (AORTA) schema and examples (mostly based on ballot 7), see Dutch Realm Ballot7 Examples. Most examples are related to PA, Pharmacy, Patient Care.
  • "Navigating the pitfalls: Implementing HL7 version 3", edited by Rene Spronk, see Ringholm whitepaper. The contents have been included in the Implementation FAQ.

Tooling and Testing

  • NIST has installed a testserver for conformance testing of the POLB_IN111100 interaction (using May 2006 schema). E-mail your order message to and it will respond with a one or more v3 interactions.

Working Group Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Conference Call Agenda and Minutes

Archived Links

The following links are provided for convenience but should not be used any more!