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Conference call minutes 6 February 2014

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Health Concern Topic

Patient Care WG February 6, 2014


Michael Tan – Chair, Scribe Stephen Chu Lisa Nelson Becky Angeles Jim McClay Ray Simkus Laura Heermann Langford


  1. Agenda setting
  2. Recap of WGM San Antonio
  3. Discuss definition and use cases
  4. Next Call

Agenda setting

There was not enough quorum at the start of the call to approve the minutes of January 9th.

Recap of WGM

Three quarters were used for the discussion on Health concern. We discussed the concepts and definitions of Health and Problem concerns. At times it seemed that there were fundamental differences in views, but in general we can conclude that the differences were in the details of what could be attached to concerns.

Discussion on use cases

The slide deck from Lisa Nelson and Michael Tan were used for the discussion on the concepts. Ray suggests also to look at the definitions from the ISO workgroup, which can be found under Contsys. The overall opinion of the participants can be described as follows:

  • A health concern is felt as having a broader meaning than problem concern, but an exact boundary could not be defined.
  • The way health and problem concerns will be used will depend on the stakeholders, their environment and the context in which it is used. A problem concern for one care provider is not necessarily a problem for another or might be a health concern for the other.
  • This leads to the view that the way health and problem concerns could be used, should be flexible and fluid.
  • Health concern tracking is used to organize data in the health records. Information like observations, medication, diagnosis and such are grouped into concerns. This is done by looking back into the past and tagging information to a concern.
  • This could mean that health concerns are used to personalize views on the medical records.
  • Another aspect of health concern is where the meaning of concern is viewed as a worry or risk of something that might happen in future and the measures against these concerns.

Next call

The next meeting originally planned is shifted one week and will be held on February 27th 2014. The cycle thereafter will continue as originally planned ( 6th, 20th. Etc..)