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Conference Call Agenda 2011-10-06

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Tooling Conference Call 10:00AM Eastern Time (Date above)


Standing Conference Calls

The Tooling WG will hold a Conference Call at 2 PM Eastern time, each Thursday except during scheduled face-to-face Working Group Meetings unless otherwise noted at Telecon_Agendas.

Conference Call: Uses HL7 Conference Call Service
Dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 586935#
GoToMeeting at 482-299-629
  • For your local times, please visit: [1]


  • Roll Call & Agenda Review
  • Approval of previous minutes [Jane]
  • Review action items - arrange action items in relation to the new projects
    • Tracker # 1453 - Tools and Resources Page
    • Tracker # 1992 - Update Vision Document for Tooling Architecture
    • Tracker # 1997 - Review communication from the Tooling WG for stale information
    • Tracker # 1998 - rsXML validation package update
    • Tracker # 2003 - Pilot the updated Tooling documentation and update the FAQs
    • Tracker # 2052 - Tooling Dashboard design requirements wiki page creation
    • Tracker # 2003 - update wiki or other GForge instruction documents from Wilfred to homebasecoordinator
    • From last meeting -
      • From 2011-09-15: Andy will update Vocabulary on the Kaiser development to IHTSDO WB
      • From 2011-09-13: Andy will request a joint session at the next WGM in San Antonio with RIMBAA to discuss how they use the datatypes reference.
      • From 2011-09-13: Andy will update Project Insight with next steps and milestones for the MAX project.
      • Andy will verify whether the publishing minutes include an acceptance process on the generator and evaluate creating a wiki page for it.
      • touch base with other WGs on their requirements (e.g. Corey Spears)
  • Review projects:
    • PI# 806 HL7 Terminology Authority (Tooling co-sponsor)
    • PI# 804 GForge alternative assessment
    • PI# 803 Tooling DashBoard
    • PI# 802 Tooling Communication Plan and Execution
    • PI# 801 Tooling Strategy and Process Revision
    • PI# 752 Publish CDA IGs from Tooling (Tooling co-sponsor)
    • PI# 742 Model Automated Exchange (MAX) for UML Models
    • PI# 690 HL7 Static Model Designer Enhancement 1 - ??
    • PI# 665 MIF based Publishing Phase II
    • PI# 611 Template Registry Pilot (Tooling co-sponsor)
    • PI# 578 MIF Informative Ballot (pending publication in NE 2012)
  • Update on Tooling Documentation [Wilfred]
  • Update on V3 Generator Tool [Lloyd]
  • Other/New Business
    • Rene: given that RIMBAA will have a face-to-face out of cycle meeting on November 15th: are there any issues you'd like RIMBAA to discuss prior to the WGM in San Antonio ? Note: RIMBAA doesn't have telcons between WGMs. We currently have 2 tool related agenda items:
      1. Process to evaluate implementation oriented tools/toolkits. Purpose: to recommend that certain tools be used, or to recommend to HL7 that it support the development of certain tools. Includes issues such as: defining Quality criteria, determining whethere or not there is an appropriate level of support.
      2. Discuss the possible creation of a 'reference implementation'. Discussion of whether or not we want to have/create one. Could be based on the Everest/jEverest toolkit with an added persistence layer (ORM out of the box, or MGRID).
    • From email to list 9/29: Guidance on Implementation Guides in SVN - While there are documentation tools for using GForge, for projects developing non-computable artifacts such as implementation guide documents, no specific guidelines have been established. I expect such guidance would eventually be published at the Support and Docs section of the GForge site at There is an old project out there called Implementation Guides but dates back to a CVS structure rather than SVN. Is this a matter for Tooling, or perhaps for Publishing? llaakso

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