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Communication FHIR Resource Proposal

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Owning committee name

Clinical Quality Information Work Group

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FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

Ken to provide

Scope of coverage

This resource is a record of a communication that was performed. A communication is a conveyance of information from one entity, a sender, to another entity, a receiver. The sender and receivers may be patients, practitioners, related persons, organizations, and devices. The communication resource may track the following, for instance:

  • A computer-based decision-support system requesting a reminder or alert be delivered to a responsible provider
  • A physician requesting notification from the nurse if a patient's temperature exceeds a value
  • A monitoring system or a provider requesting a staff member or department to notify a public health agency of a patient presenting with a reportable communicable disease public health agency

RIM scope

Lloyd to provide

Resource appropriateness

  • Communications are foundational to the coordination and delivery of care. The Communication resource captures communications between the various stakeholders involved in the provision of care. This may include provider-to-provider exchanges as well as patient-to-provider exchanges. Communications are not limited to human senders and recipients.

Expected implementations

  • Unified communication systems in a SOA environment.

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Resource Relationships

Please refer to the proposed resource definition:


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