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=== PHAST ===
=== PHAST ===
* [ Information about STS, links to downloadable components]
* [ Information about STS, links to downloadable components]
* '''URL to PHAST Presentation'''
* [ Background STS Functional Requirements Matrix]
Detailed specifications to be drafted by Vancouver WGM.
Detailed specifications to be drafted by Vancouver WGM.

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Background and Project Need

The HL7 CTS 2 SFM was balloted as a DSTU. The purpose of the DSTU process is specifically designed to provide a framework to develop trial artifacts to test and validate via implementation prior to standardization. The CTS 2 DSTU has expired after a two year period, but has resulted in at least two implementations, andd has influenced the development of many other terminology service implementations. It is necessary now to adjust the CTS 2 SFM to reflect real-world implementation experience.

This project will focus on on what is supported between the SFM and the OMG PIM. New requirements care expected to be surfaced, but will be logged for incllsion in alternate versions of CTS 2.

Project Scope Statement (approved by HL7 TSC, project #324 in Project Insight)

This updated project scope for the normative ballot of CTS2 will align the HL7 Service Functional Model (SFM) with the Object Management group (OMG) Platform Independent Model (PIM) to bring the CTS 2 SFM into alignment with the OMG PIM, correcting any errors identified in the SFM. This project will put a stake in the ground for this version of the CTS 2 SFM. Additional requirements are to be ruled out of scope for this ballot and added as desired extensions for a future version of the HL7 SFM within HL7. The goal of CTS 2 is to mediate amongst disparate terminology sources, providing support for administrative functions, search and query functions, maintenance functions and terminology mapping operations.


HL7 Artifacts

OMG Submitter Artifacts


Detailed specifications to be drafted by Vancouver WGM.

CTS2N Work Artifacts


Meetings are weekly, every Tuesday, beginning February 7, 2012 Time: 10:00 AM Eastern STANDARD Time (GMT -5) Duration: 1 hour (until 11:00 AM Eastern)

Dial-in#: 770-657-9270 Passcode: 598745 (same passcode as the regular Vocab WG calls) WebEx: TBD Chair: Russell Hamm

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agendas