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Committee Representative

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The INM committee has introduced the concept of a Committee Representative (at one time this role was called Ambassador). This concept will be added to the DMP of InM. PIC has indicated an interest in the concept.

The Comittee Representative role will be used where there is need for a more formal representation than an HL7 member who just happens to be present in meetings of multiple committees, but where there is not enough overlap in terms of scope for it to merit a joint meeting between the committee that sends the Representative and another TC or SIG.

  • The Representative role is limited both in time as well as in scope, i.e. it is meant to cover one specific issue. Appointment is done by means of a formal committee vote.

Related Role: Facilitator

INM DMP Wording (not approved yet)

In order to facilitate the harmonization between the work of the INM committee and the work of other committees, the INM committee may empower a person (typically a co-chair) to represent the INM committee to another committee (the host committee, a TC or SIG). The scope of the representation is limited to a particular topic, a partcular meeting (or limited set of meetings) or a particular timeframe.

  • The committee representative may take action items;
  • The committee representative may communicate statements of Intent;
  • The committee representative shall report back to the INM committee. The report by the committee representative shall be documented in the INM committee's minutes.
  • The committee representative is not empowered to make binding statements;
  • The committee representative is a guest of the host committee, and doesn't participate in voting, unless the vote is within the scope of the representation, in which case the committee representative shall vote according to his/her understanding of the consensus postition of the INM committee on the subject of the motion.
  • The committee representative shall announce the fact that they perform this role to the presiding co-chair of the host committee at the earliest possible timing during any meetings he/she participates in.

The INM committee may send an committee representative to a host committee because it has learned that a topic of interest to the INM committee will be discussed, or at the request of the host committee.

The committee representative shall be empowered to represent the INM committee by means of a formal motion. The empowerment motion requires consensus, the motion shall include a statement of the topic for which the committee representative is empowered to represent the INM committee, as well as the duration of the committee representative role, which shall not exceed the length of the meeting of the host committee (currently 5 days for a WGM, or 2 hours for a Conference call).

This role shall not be used for (semi-) permament representation of the INM committee in the host committee, the Facilitator role shall be used instead.