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Collection of Guidelines

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How to deal with a collection of Guidelines

--Smrobertson 18:42, 14 May 2012 (UTC)

idea by Nicolas Canu


It is common to have a number of guidelines collected together under some type of document. For example, any given medication may have several different guidelines defined depending on the specific use of the medication. We need a means to both associate the multiple guidelines and deal with them as a unit, and to access the guidelines individually. And, this needs to work within the Common Product Model.

In particular, and related to effectiveTime discussion (elsewhere), we need to track the publication and effective (in force) times for the guidelines and the collection of guidelines.


2012 May WGM - hot topic introduced

2012-09-10 A series of guidelines can be specified within the SBADM in CPM; Alternatively there is a Document class that can be used.

Need to ask Nicolas for a more precise use case

2012-09-23 Nicolas has decided that this topic has "gone cold" and can be closed.