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The Coffee Lounge (known as the Village pump in Wikipedia) is a discussion forum. This page is used to discuss the technical issues, policies, and operations of the HL7 Wiki. The Coffee Lounge is not a place to make lasting comments as inactive discussions will be permanently removed after a while.


Welcome to the HL7 Wiki. Please be aware that the Wiki has content in support of ongoing work by HL7 working groups as well as user groups - organizational details as well as the HL7 standards themselves can be found on the website.

Wiki Etiquette

  • Management of the Wiki: who will take responsibility for vetting the information placed in the HL7 Wiki? What should the HL7 Wiki Etiquette look like ?
    • One of the nice aspects of a Wiki site is the opportunity to have free exchange of thoughts. The challenge is that changes are made more easily and is therefore subject to proper wiki etiquette and discipline, as well as that at any point in time the site may not be reflective of the collective consensus on a particular topic. Simple Wiki etiquette requires that contributors stick to facts and consensus on the main pages. The comments/talk/discussion pages are for anything that is questionable, controversial, or unsettled. Wiki Moderators need a effective way of discouraging heated open disputes.

Status of the Wiki

  • Minutes of WG meetings, ballot reconciliation spreadsheets nor motions can refer to a Wiki page. When a motion references a Wiki page, the Wiki page should be copy/pasted into the Minutes. This as a persistent way to record (as per ANSI requirements) what was agreed upon at a particular point in time.
  • Meeting minutes and motions can be captured on the Wiki, but will always have to be copy/pasted into meeting minutes uploaded to the HL7 Website. The contents of the Wiki are not a persistent record.

6400 Pages

  • The HL7 Wiki reached 6400 pages in September 2013. We had 5200 pages in July 2012; 4800 pages on Feb 1, 2012; 4200 pages on July 1st, 2011; 4000 pages on April 20, 2011; 3600 pages on January 25, 2011; 3200 pages on July 9, 2010; 3000 pages in May 2010; 2900 pages on March 29, 2010; 2800 pages on March 5, 2010; 2700 pages on January 28, 2010; 2600 pages on Dec. 21, 2009; 2400 pages on Oct 8, 2009; 2200 pages on July 14th (2009) and 2100 pages on May 9th (2009).
  • The 2000 page mark was reached in March 2009. See [1] for an analysis of the number of pages on the HL7 wiki. The 1900 page mark was reached on January 22 2009; 1800 on December 13th 2008; 1500 around July 1st 2008.
    • The Wiki was moved to the domain in June 2008 and merged with the contents of Wikis hosted elsewhere (estimated at 500 additional pages).
    • When still hosted by Mayo (as it originally was, outside of HL7), the 900 page mark was reached on January 2nd, 2008 (800 on October 1st, 2007; 700 on April 4, 2007; 600 on December 29, 2006; 500 on October 1st, 2006; 400 - probably created in July 2006).