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=Care Plan Group=
=Care Plan Group=
Webex []
'''Use Case'''
'''Use Case'''
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Lead: Rob Hausam
Lead: Rob Hausam
'''Background and Use Case'''
'''Background and Use Case'''

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Care Plan Group

Use Case Care Plan DAM Story Board

Observation vs. Condition Group

Lead: Rob Hausam


Background and Use Case [| Observation vs Condition]

ClinFhir Tool:

Tracking spreadsheet:

Example Observations (including negation/negative statements)


  • Headache
  • The headache yesterday was the worst that she has ever had.
  • No headache in the past 24 hours.

Physical Exam

  • Blood pressure 127/86
  • Deep tendon reflex 2+ - left knee
  • Deep tendon reflex absent - right knee

Lab, Imaging and Other Results

  • Serum Sodium = 137 (normal range 135-145)
  • Stool culture: No Salmonella, Shigella or Campylobacter isolated
  • Chest AP & lateral: Impression: Evidence of pneumonia in the right lower lobe.


  • Right lower lobe pneumonia