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Clinician on FHIR - May 2016 Montreal, Canada

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Planning Notes


Rob to host Goals for “Observation” • Explore the boundaries of observation (fit for purpose?) o How do we represent microbiology – culture and sensitivity/susceptibility? • Rob – will find examples • Inpatient vs Outpatient – how do you follow observations over time for outpatient visits over different encounters….? (may be synchronous capture or asynchronous capture) o Document Vital signs over one encounter (inpatient) – can we trend? • HR • Temp • POx o Document Vital signs (Height, Weight, glucose?) over multiple encounters (Outpatient visits) • – can we trend? i.e H and/or W on a growth chart? • How is a panel observation like apgar scores documented? (synchronous capture) o Apgar Score (put values here) o hemodynamic monitoring – Swan Ganz data (BP, HR, RR, Temp, Pox, (BP/MAP), wedge, CVP – Swan ganz – things that are together and stay together?) o How are they captured, how are they managed as a set maintaining their relationship – such as the systolic is always linked to its relative diastolic? • Provide observation use cases to work through during the session – o • Perhaps in Aug/Sept - Explore the workflow in OO/FHIR – lab orders and lab results back in observation?

Planning Calendar

Preparation Master Plan