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*[[CSCR-086-PHER-Use Standardized CMETs]]  (Approved 15 Jan 09)
*[[CSCR-086-PHER-Use Standardized CMETs]]  (Approved 15 Jan 09)
*[[CSCR-087-OO-Criteria Choice]]  (Approved 15 Jan 09)
*[[CSCR-087-OO-Criteria Choice]]  (Approved 15 Jan 09)
*[[CSCR-095-OO-Add conditions.checkpointCode]]  (Approved 5 Feb 09)

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Change Requests prior to 2006 are located on HL7 Clinical Statement Project Web Page. They are slowly being added here for consistency.

Note: CSCR-038 has been skipped because there were two change requests with ID CSCR-037.

Clinical Statement Change Request Template (Please Do Not Edit! Copy and paste into a new page)

An announcement of this Change Request must be submitted to the Clinical Statement list to be formally submitted.

Editing of Change Requests is restricted to the submitter and the co-chairs of the Clinical Statement Project. Other changes will be undone. Please add comments to the "discussion" page associated with this Change Request.

Back to Clinical Statement Harmonization Project page.

See also the "wish list" for less fully realised suggestions here.

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