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* Meeting ID: 959-682-577
* Meeting ID: 959-682-577
=[[Clinical Sequencing Symposium 2011 September]]=
=[[Clinical Sequencing Symposium 2011 September]]=
=[[Media:HL7_Project_Scope_Statement_-_Clinical_Sequencing_20120116.doc|Clinical Sequencing Project Scope Statement]]=
=[[Media:HL7_PSSv2011Jan_Clin_A48154_20120212.doc‎|Clinical Sequencing Project Scope Statement]]=

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Workflow Drafts

Workflows are written in Visio as *.vsd files.

File:Clinical Sequencing Workflow

Use Cases

File:CG UseCases 1.4 80211.pdf

Working Calls


  • TCON Access code: 3909487
  • US toll-free number: 800.733.6808
  • Israel toll-free number: 1809246049


Clinical Sequencing Symposium 2011 September

Clinical Sequencing Project Scope Statement