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Clinical Quality Information Co-chairs

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Page Purpose

This wiki page is designed by the CQI co-chairs to assist them in the management of the CQI Workgroup activities.

HL7 Co-Chair Handbook

The Process Improvement (PIC) Workgroup maintains the HL7 Co-Chair Handbook. The Handbook wiki page maintains the current links to items like the:

  • HL7 Bylaws
  • HL7 Governance and Operations Manual (GOM)
  • HL7 Organization and Process documentation (includes organization chart with explanation of Steering Divisions (SD), WGs, and Board appointed committees)
  • Ballot Management, Project Management, Publishing, Workgroup Management, Working Group Meeting (WGM) Management, and Other documents; including:
    Project Scope Statement (PSS), Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB), and Publication Requests
  • Cycle deadlines for PSS, NIBs, Balloting, etc.
  • See the Co-chair Utility Page/Procedures for more useful links

HL7 Management Workgroups

  • The HL7 Technical Steering Committee (TSC) oversees and coordinates the technical efforts contributed by the HL7 participants to ensure that the efforts of the Working Group (WG) are focused on the overall HL7 mission. TSC will provide input and operationalize the strategic initiatives.. The TSC also reviews and provides oversight to projects during the approval process. This allows the TSC to identify gaps and overlaps between projects of the Working Group and the strategic initiatives.
  • The US Realm Steering Committee (USR-SC) provides US Realm technical direction achieve the vision of creating the best and most widely used standards in US healthcare. The USR-SC reviews and provides oversight to US Realm projects during the approval process. This allows the USR-SC to identify gaps and overlaps between projects of the Working Group and the US Realm requirements.

HL7 Workgroups CQI works with

CQI Process Management Documents

CQI ITEM Last Update Frequency Approvals Required Comment
Mission and Charter (M&C) May 2016 Minimum every 2 years CQI, DESD*
*Notify DESD and HQ if ratified without changes
Send to Anne@HL7 dot org for publication
3-Year Plan Sept. 2016 ? CQI Consider including Strategic items in M&C
Include Maintenance items in 3-year Plan
Send to PMO (Dave Hamill) - he will enter into Project Insights
Product Briefs ? Review Annually CQI Send corrections to HL7 (?)
Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities,
and Threats Matrix (SWOT)
May 2016 Minimum every 3 years CQI Send to Anne@HL7 dot org for publication
Decision Making Practices (DMP) Jan. 2017 Minimum every 3 years
or as required by PIC
CQI Submit to PIC for review and Anne@HL7 dot org for publication

HL7 Documents and Approvals

See the HL7 Co-Chair Handbook for current documentation and forms

HL7 ITEM Frequency Approvals Required Comment
Harmonization Submit proposals as needed
Attend or vote to approve every meeting
CQI Vocabulary and RIM Harmonization Process
Harmonization Meetings
Project Scope Statement (PSS) Once
Review and reapproval every 5 years
*US Realm-related: Review with US Realm before CQI approval
**FHIR-related: send to FMG same time as DESD
FHIR projects have a different version of the PSS.
PSS update for DSTU going Normative Once CQI, TSC Triggers notification to ANSI; starts 18-month clock to ballot
Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB) Each ballot cycle CQI
Publication request Once CQI, TSC
Errata publication
Use Publication request form
Once CQI Submit to the CTO (Wayne Kubick) and Director of Technical Publications (Lynn Laakso)
Withdrawal of balloted project Once CQI, TSC
Close of project never balloted Once CQI Notify PMO (Dave Hamill) to close project

CQI Work Group Co-chair Assignments:

DESD Voting Management

  • January 2017 - Chris
  • February 2017 - KP
  • March 2017 - Patty
  • April 2017 - Floyd
  • May 2017 - Walter
  • June 2017 - Patty
  • July 2017 - Yan
  • August 2017 - KP
  • September 2017 - Floyd
  • October 2017 - Walter
  • November 2017 - Patty
  • December 2017 - KP