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*[[Clinical_Quality_Language|Clinical Quality Language]]
*[[Clinical_Quality_Language|Clinical Quality Language]]
*[[Infobutton|Context-Aware Knowledge Retrieval Standard (Infobutton) Standard]]
== Agendas ==
== Agendas ==

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  • Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD   University of Utah (guilherme.delfiol@utah.edu)
  • Robert A. Jenders, MD, MS   Charles Drew University and University of California, Los Angeles (jenders@ucla.edu)
  • Kensaku Kawamoto, MD, PhD   University of Utah (kensaku.kawamoto@utah.edu)
  • Howard Strasberg, MD, MS   Wolters Kluwer Health (Howard.Strasberg@wolterskluwer.com)

Foundational Documents



Face-to-Face Work Group Meeting Minutes

Other Meeting Minutes