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Clarification on comments re Intron

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CLOSED - Need clarification on comments re Intron (row 30)

Current Definition

DEFINITION: A portion of a gene sequence that is transcribed but excised from the mature mRNA during processing.

EXAMPLE(S): Human KIT Gene Intron 10



Ballot Comment

do you really want the user to put 'Human KIT Gene Intron 10'???

Current Disposition

Pending Input From Submitter

Proposed Disposition Comment

Could you propose a better example? Will run it by the LSDAM SMEs to ensure agreement with their use case.

Outstanding Questions

  • CG SMEs: What is a better example?
  • Life Science SMEs: Is that example OK from an LSDAM perspective?


DISCUSSION 20160225: Lauren will check back on the URL and provide an actual mRNA example if this is not one.

Correction 20160229: Need example validated or another valid example as a substitute.

Lauren Becnel: "Homo sapiens dystrophin (DMD) gene intron 28"


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