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Child Health Work Group Meeting Agenda May 2015

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  • May 2015 Work Group Meeting
    • Sessions: Tuesday Q1, Q2, Q4, Wed Q1
Day Date Time Icon Event
Tuesday Chair Scribe Room
Tuesday May 12 Q1 Business med.gif MEETING
  • Review Agenda
  • Committee overview and WG health

Gay Mike Ecylpse
Q2 Business med.gif MEETING
  • Derived Domain Profile for CHFP focused on Developmental Screening
Mike Gay Ecylpse
Q3 Business med.gif Not meeting
  • visiting other WG
-- -- --
Q4 Business med.gif MEETING
  • Essential Information for Children with Special Healthcare Needs
    • Storyboard cases
    • Element inclusion and modeling
  • Upcoming web meetings and F2F meetings discussion


Gay Eclypse
Day Date Time Icon Event
Wednesday Room
Wednesday May 13 Q2 Business med.gif MEETING
  • Q1 Joint Meeting with Patient Care Hosting