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Welcome to the FHIR Community chat @

We welcome everyone to participate in the FHIR community. All participation in the FHIR community is subject to the Community Participation Rules: FHIR Code of Conduct and the FHIR Intellectual Property Rules. Also note: FHIR Rules for asking questions.

In addition, the following guidelines apply:

Using Streams

To subscribe to a screen, use the hidden 'gear' icon next the 'Streams' header on the left of the screen.

If you think we need a new stream, please propose it on the social stream for discussion (we don't want a proliferation of streams that aren't well differentiated)


All users should be subscribed to the 'Announcements' stream, which is where announcements of general interest to the community are made. This stream is intended to have a "low" posting rate. Do not use it for discussions or for posts unlikely to be of interest to the entire FHIR community.


This is the main discussion stream for FHIR Implementers. Before you post, please make sure, your question isn't a better fit to any of the Special Interest Streams.

The Implementer's Stream has a high volume of threads and responses. If you post a question, make sure to stay tuned, because if you happen to cause a vivid discussion, it may be hard to follow up, if you miss a couple of days. Please note, that FHIR has a worldwide community and discussions take place 24/7.

Special Interest Streams

  • conformance: to discuss profiling, using Forge, defining extensions, publishing comformance resources, using etc
  • smart: to discuss the SMART framework, OAuth,
  • terminology: to discuss terminology services, ValueSets, CodeSystems, using SNOMED CT/LOINC/ICD etc. with FHIR
  • v2 to fhir: to discuss the challenges, when mapping HL7 V2 to FHIR or vice versa

...and many more: Please check for a full list of available streams

Country/region based streams

There are a number of country/region based streams. These are open for anyone to follow, but if you are not from the region identified, please do not participate unless you are asked to (or ask politely first)

Members Only Streams

There are a few member only streams for governance groups (clearly marked in the stream name) - these are open so that anyone can observe, but only members are allowed to contribute (the members know who they are)


Zulip by default only displays the most current discussions. However, there is a vast searchable history of topics. Before you post, pleast check if your question has already been aswered by using the powerful Zulip search.

Operator Effect
stream:stream Narrow to messages on stream stream
topic:topic Narrow to messages with topic topic
pm-with:email Narrow to private messages with email
sender:email Narrow to messages sent by email
sender:me Narrow to messages sent by you.
near:id Center the view around message ID id
id:id Narrow to just message ID id
is:alerted Narrow to messages with alert words.
is:mentioned Narrow to messages that mention you.
is:private Narrow to private messages.
is:starred Narrow to starred messages.
keyword Search for keyword in the topic or message content

You can use any combination of these search operators in a single query. For example:

 stream:streamname keyword

would search for messages sent by to stream streamname containing the keyword keyword.