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This page and its descendant links are an attempt to define the functional and non-functional requirements HL7 has for its standards development methodology, as well as how the methodology meets those requirements and how the requirements are manifested in HL7's metamodel, the MIF.

The requirements are broken into several sections. The first describes the requirement. Following each requirement is a list of supporting rationale. I.e. "Why is this a requirement". Finally, there's up to two additional sections:

  • A list of how the requirement is implemented in the methodology. The methodology section explains the mechanism(s) that support that requirement within the HL7 v3 standards development methodology. Each methodology reference is a link to a separate tab that describes the methodology. Each methodological approach may have its own set of requirements that are driven by the methodological approach
  • A list of MIF data elements that 'implement' the requirement in HL7's v3 metamodel

The root set of HL7 requirements can be found here: HL7 v3 Requirements

Meeting Agendas

MIF-OMG Requirements Final report


A more detailed description of this content and some navigation guidance for groups responding to the OMG Common Terminology Services RFP can be found here