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* [[non-encodable medication]]
* [[non-encodable medication]]
* [[tapered doses]]
* [[tapered doses]]
* [[combined prescription of medication of two different strengths]]
* [[combined medication of two different strengths]]

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Hot Topic

Hot Topics are pharmacy related discussions which require guidance or resolution from the Pharmacy work group.

Hot Topics Sub-Lists


A hot topic may be raised by anyone.

To raise a hot topic:

  1. Create a wiki page (use an existing wiki page on which the issue is already being discussed, or use the content of this template)
  2. Ensure the wiki page reflects the core of the issue, rationale as to why the issue needs to be resolved, and if possible, a suggested resolution
  3. Flag it as a hot topic by inserting {{Pharmacy Open Hot Topic}} as the first line of text of the wiki discussion
  4. Send an e-mail to the [Pharmacy list] with the subject line "Hot Topic: <some descriptive label>" and include a summary of the issue along with a link to the Wiki page

Resolution process:

  • Hot topics will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Upon resolution, a hot topic will be either categorized as
    • resolved - if there are further outstanding actions to be taken by MnM or other committees, or
    • closed - if all action items have been completed
  • Pharmacy will monitor the action items for hot topics categorized as resolved with a view to seeing them move to closed as soon as feasible.

Possible topics for inclusion

  • Topics in bold need discussion

CDA related topics

  • effectiveTime for single administrations - Consensus was reached, but never formally documented I think.
  • total life-time dose - Ended with a suggestion for an extension, but never followed up.
  • no immunization administered - Another thread that ended with an (undocumented) suggestion - will need to be discussed with PHER WG
  • uncoded medication - Should be a no-brainer, but again not sure if it was documented.
    • RxNorm code unavailable - Actually an extension of the previous discussion, more nuances.
  • relationship doseQuantity-rateQuantity - Ended with a question to StrucDoc co-chairs, without a response.
  • interpretation of repeatNumber - Reached consensus, but I’d like to make sure it was documented.
  • several issues related to EIVL_TS - I answered a bunch of questions, but there was no real feedback.
  • use as directed - I answered an e-mail, but I don’t think it was picked up after that.
  • maxDoseQuantity - I answered an e-mail, but I don’t think it was picked up after that.
  • drug vehicle (compound medications) - One of many threads dealing with compound meds. Open issue.
  • interpretation of <high> in time intervals - This is an overarching issue, but urgently needs follow-up action.
  • variable dosage - A recent discussion. Conclusion reached, but was it documented?
  • PRN dosage instructions (see other e-mail) - Last but not least. Conclusion reached, documentation needed.
  • Extemporaneous medication
  • variable usage frequency
  • non-encodable medication
  • tapered doses
  • combined medication of two different strengths


  • Pharmacy - Immunization FHIR resource harmonization


  • European Cross border of care project - prescription from one country dispensed in another
  • Table 478 - Formulary Status - can we handle business requirements in V3 for knowledge base query structures.