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{{OO Open Change Requests}}
{{OO Open LRI IG Change Requests}}
Return to [[:Category:OO Change Requests|OO Change Requests]] page.
Return to [[:Category:OO Change Requests|OO Change Requests]] page.
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|| '''Submitted by:''' Ken McCaslin
|| '''Revision date:''' <<Revision Date>>
|| '''Submitted date:''' 16 October 2012
|| '''Change request ID:''' OO CR104
|| '''Standard/IG:''' Implementation Guide
|| '''Artifact ID, Name: ''' <<Artifact ID, Name>>
== Issue ==
Section (in the HL7 web page it maybe references the Results Copy to element incorrectly as OBR-24 in multiple places (including table 3-11).  The correct  element is OBR-28.
== Recommendation ==
Change the reference to correctly reflect that Results Copy to field OBR-28 in all places in this section. Two table references and two places in the test.
== Rationale ==
== Discussion ==
== Recommended Action Items ==
== Resolution ==
16-October-12 Motion to correct the section labeled Results Handling and Results Copy to:, 2 in the text and 2 in the table with reference to OBR-24 that should read OBR-28 by Bob, Freida.
Against: 0, Abstain: 0, Favor: 8

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