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Catalog Service FSM Action Items

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[March 15, 2017]

  • Upload Catalog Entry Spreadsheet and test download with build tool (Claude - DONE)
  • Complete Composition Ask for SD (Claude - DONE)
  • Start with Composition FHIR Profile and test download with build tool (Claude - PENDING)
  • Update FHIR alignment spreadsheet (Claude - NOT DONE)
  • Prepare FHIR resource proposal for Catalog Entry
  • Collect use cases for catalogs (Jose)
    • Pull all use cases together (Claude/Jose)
  • Need a page for meeting notes and agenda items (Claude)
  • Arrange some time in Madrid with SD to discuss composition resource (Lorraine)
  • Concrete examples of catalog entries such as medications, devices, and laboratory tests to focus discussion with SD (Jose, John, Francois)

[May 24, 2017] Action Items

  • Review FHIR resource proposal for Catalog Entry [group]
  • Submission of FHIR resource proposal for Catalog Entry [Lorraine]
  • Profile proposal for core Catalog profile on Composition [Claude] --> Note that this profile can be further constrained for specific types of catalog.
  • Definition of requirements for Observation Definition [Francois]
  • Modeling of Observation Definition in CIMI --> Resource proposal/definition in FHIR [Francois and Claude]
  • Review CIMI with group [Claude]
  • Create formal tracker request for change requests to Composition resource [Claude]

Items Covered

  • Group review of the CatalogEntry FHIR Resource Proposal. To be continued on 5/31

[May 31, 2017] Agenda:

  • Review CatalogEntry FHIR Resource Proposal
  • Review Catalog Requirements
  • Review Tracker request items for Composition resource