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Care Provision D-MIM

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This is the Care Provision project 2011.

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Plan of work to move Care Provision D-MIM to normative ballot.

To do includes the following:

In the Oct. 2010 meeting PC decided to move the Care Provision D-MIM and Care Statement R-MIM to normative, based on the existing materials (e.g. R1 datatypes). So it will be updating in the existing specifications. In the May 2011 meeting PC decided to: 1 change the care statement to the clinical statement CMET 2 move to the full new RIM and R2 datatypes and other fundamental changes.

Detailed work to be carried out for the move to normative include:

  1. Identify the constraints needed to have the clinical statement in the D-MIM (see current documentation where the differences in 2007 where explained, are these still applicable?)
  2. Concern class update (as this has been a 2 year discussion where it was and has been included end 2009, and now all our models, documentation and XML needs to be updated with that).
  3. Identify which CMETs are used and required from other domains.
  4. Identify and explain how to work with Coded Ordinal (CO) numeric value and code in R1. < Obsolete>
  5. Identify which CMETs are internal to Care Provision and need to go into the CMET library
  6. Identify issues from publishing and how to handle these in the new version.
  7. Add the reason for Care Provision and consent to CP Act class with 0..* cardinality (as in Prica GGZ model the Netherlands), decided somewhere in 2007 / 2008, if questioned we might need to revote on that.
  8. Work on the identified (additional to 1-5 above) and approved change requests that are in the evaluation report by Nictiz Oct. 2010. (Voted in Oct 2010, see PC minutes of that WGM).
  9. Discuss additional use cases from Nictiz (sent March 15 by Gerda Meyboom from Nictiz), and decide what to do with this.
  10. Discuss and vote on additional suggestions brought to the table during the course of action in next WGMs.

Workplan for D-MIM and R-MIM changes next 2 years:

a. Prepare D-MIM model (June 2011) b. Re arrange walkthrough D-MIM, move descriptions for use cases in Care Statement to Rik Smithies for inclusion in Clinical Statement walkthrough (June 2011) (satisfies ballot reconciliation of clinical statement as well) c. Harmonize PC definitions with Contsys draft materials (July 2011) d. Consequences of D-MIM for RM Request Referral, RM Accept R, RM Queries, and RM Care Record (June / July 2011). e. Consequences of D-MIM for statement collector and concern tracker, assessment scales, allergies (June 2011-January 2012) f. Walkthroughs for RM Request, RM Accept, RM Queries, RM Care Record (July / August 2011) g. Harmonize RM Request, RM Accept, RM Queries, RM Care Record with Contsys (August 2011) h. Prepare D-MIM in publication format (August / Sept 2011) i. Prepare R-MIM series of 4 in publication format (Sept/Okt 2011) j. Obtain PC WG permission via motions during Sept 2011 WGM k. Prepare ballot of D-MIM and four R-MIMs for January 2012 normative ballot (Sept / Okt / Nov. 2011) l. Ballot Reconciliation of D-MIM and four R-MIMs in January 2012. m. Clinical Statement Change Request for use cases Care Provision cannot meet due to CMET use. (June 2011-Jan 2012) n. Follow up on reconciliation activities D-MIM and R-MIM (Feb – April 2012). o. Submit for reballot April 2012. p. Ballot Reconciliation of D-MIM and four R-MIMs in May 2012 q. Follow up on reconciliation activities D-MIM and R-MIM (June – August 2012). r. Approve final submission to Normative Edition 2013 (Sept 2012 WGM) s. Publication of NE 2013 (End 2012 / Early 2013?)