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Care Provision: Care Plan 2007 DSTU Feedback

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Care Plan REPC_RM000200UV DSTU

Issues determined as part of trial use:

  • Require author participation on PlannedCare - allow original author to be identified
  • Require all PlannedCare clinical elements to support effectiveTime (GTS) - allows PIVL (Periodic Interval) and EIVL (Event Related Interval) e.g every 6 months
  • Require all PlannedCare clinical elements to support title (ST) - concise details of planned act
  • Criterion was an issue with the RIM/Vocab at the time (EVN.CRT now deprecated); can use Act.isCriterionInd attribute and rquire expansion to include (ObservationCriterion, SubstanceAdministrationCriterion, ProcedureCriterion, EncounterCriterion, ActCriterion)
  • Require all DefinedCare clinical elements to support effectiveTime (GTS) - as per PlannedCare above
  • Require - tracking of goals by reference
  • Require ObservationGoal.statusCode - tracking of goal status
  • PlannedCare no way to represent a delayed action e.g. perform test 7 days after administering medication