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Care Plan definition

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There is some degree of debate and confusion over the components used in the Care Plan Project. There is a structure referred to as the care plan, one labeled the plan of care, and another which focuses on treatment plan.

Outstanding issues

Existing definitions

Care Plan project definitions

Care Plan

Description of a Care Plan

Testable criteria


Plan of Care

Description of a Plan of Care


Testable criteria

Who can author?

Who can authorize (authenticate)?

Who is responsible for assuring action?

Who is responsible for maintaining the record (i.e. custodian)?

Who are the allowed performers of actions?

What are the components?

What context or properties does it have based on the containing component?
What can it never contain?
What structures/components does it contain as components?
Can it contain other components of the same type?


What structure/component can contain it?

What structure/component can never contain it?

What kind of reasons does it have

How is it associated with a Health Concern
How is it associated with a goal?

Does it include (specify) criteria for termination (completion)?

Does it include (specify) outcome criteria specifications?


Does it include (specify) criteria required for it to become active?

E.g. defining criteria for a standing order, such as "if temperature is > 38 degC administer 1000 mg acetaminophen PO q6h"



Treatment plan

Description of a Care Plan

Testable criteria