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Care Plan Topic & Ordersets

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Current Activity: Care Plan is Draft, we need support to work on this item

Order Sets is from Clinical Decision Support this is usually discussed during the Monday Q4 meetings at WGM, joint with CDS and O&O.

Note: **Under Construction**

Project Summary

The Care Plan structure is used to define the management action plans for the various concerns identified for the target of care. It is the structure in which the care planning for all individual professions or for groups of professionals can be organized, planned and checked for completion. Communicating explicitly documented and planned actions and goals greatly aids the team in understanding and coordinating the actions that need to be performed for the person. Care plans also permit the monitoring and flagging of unperformed activities and unmet goals for later follow up.

Use Cases and Storyboards


Discussions at Phoenix WGM - January 2010

The (informal) dicsussions during Wed Q3 & Q4 diiscussed how to move the Care Planning work forward. It reviewed (at a high level) the IHE work, existing HL7 workand came up with a proposed set of action items:

  • Create Project Scope Statement
  • Define the topic to cover 'Care Plan', 'Plan of Care', ' Care Pathway' etc
  • Validate existing care delivery approach in multiple domains to ensure it is generically applicable
  • Review and update:
    • Storyboard(s)
    • RMIM (ensuring Clinical Statement conformance)
    • Use cases
  • Review HITSP C162 and C83
  • Ensure internationsl considerations are supported
  • Evaluate IHE PPOS workflow/dataflow model