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*[[ Glossary-CP]]
*[[ Glossary-CP]]
*[[ Care Plan | Care Plan Model]]
''Note: the following list of deliverables will be adjusted as the project progresses.''
''Note: the following list of deliverables will be adjusted as the project progresses.''

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This is a new Care Plan Project 2012.
This wiki page contains latest contents for the Care Project post September 2012 WGM at Baltimore.
It includes information on a collaboration project with SOA group to define Care Coordination Services (CCS)

Care Plan Project Archives

Care Plan Initiative project 2011

Care Plan Topic project (Project contents prior to 2011)


Care Plan has been balloted in 2007 as DSTU. However, a number of ballot issues were not resolved satisfactorily and consequently the balloted contents did not reach DSTU status.

The project plan initiated in 2011 is to first develop a Domain Analysis Model (DAM) for the Care Plan, and then decide on follow on activities. The HDF 1.5 (HL7 development framework) approach will be followed. HL7 PC will work together with various groups including HL7 Work Groups (e.g. EHR, Structured documents), IHE, NEHTA, Canada Health Infoway, and others.

Project Co-Leaders

Laura Heermann Langford
Intermountain Healthcare, USA
Phone: 801.290.6888
Stephen Chu, MD
NEHTA Australia
Phone: +61.416.960.333

Meeting Information

The Care Plan project team meets via conference call on a fortnightly basis. The group will report to the HL7 Patient Care Workgroup through one of the Co-Chair or at the HL7 meetings.

  • Standing Meeting Date/Time: every second Wednesday at 17h00 NA Eastern Time /16h00 NA Central Time/ 15h00 NA Midwest Time/ 14h00 NA Pacific Time/ 22h00 UK / 23h00 Central Europe / 07h00 Australia (Eastern Standard Time)
    • Interim meetings can be scheduled if needed.
  • Duration: 90 to 120 minutes (1,5 to 2 hours)

  • Call Logistics- voice
    • Phone Number: 770-657-9270
    • Participant Passcode: 943377#

  • Call Logistics- screen sharing/

Web conferencing URL:
Participant code: 97480804

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Post September 2012 Baltimore WGM Meetings:

Agendas and Minutes

Archives of Meeting Agenda and Minutes prior to September 2012 Baltimore WGM:

Agendas and Minutes Archive

Project Deliverables and Working Documents

Note: the following list of deliverables will be adjusted as the project progresses.

These are the working versions of the Care Plan requirements, as the DAM work progresses.

The following list of storyboards covers the relevant range of situations sufficient to identify the needs for Care Plan interoperability.

-Acute Care
-Chronic Care
-Home Care
-Pediatric Allergy
-Pediatric Immunization
-Stay healthy

Note: Primary care encounters appear in many of the above SB. We may decide to add a specific Primary Care SB as we move along.

Storyboards (including care activities scheduling and orchestration) Under Development

Care Plan Storyboards with care coordination services scenarios

Approved versions of Storyboards in MS Word format (alphabetical order)

ARCHIVE of OLD VERSIONS of Storyboards
Archive of Storyboards

The business process models (BPM) are built with Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) but the files cannot be uploaded to this wiki. The xml version have been uploaded here in a zip file and can be read with any browser.

CLASS DIAGRAM To be added here

OLDER VERSIONS OF MODELS These diagrams are provided in original Enterprise Architect format (eap) but zipped due to file size, and in pdf.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS To be added here

Project Scope

As per Project Scope Statement documents.

To include link to Care Plan 2012 Project Scope Statement document when approved by TSC
Also to include Care Coordination Services Project Scope Statement document when approved by TSC

Project Objectives and Outcomes

To be revised. 1. Domain Analysis Model with the following deliverables (together with SD WG):

    • Definitions of Care Plan and others.
    • Work on storyboards and use cases (multiple). Emergency, Clinical hospital (discharge), Nursing home, chronic disease, primary care. Multidisciplinary. Example use cases can be: 1 chronic condition, obstetric case with transfer. After that CDA can use the work that is be done. CDS is an addition to the messages which already exist. They must be updated.
    • Dynamic model for the Care Plan Topic
    • Structural model. -> DAM (HDF within HL7)

Project Work Plan and Timeline

As per Care Plan Project Scope Statement.

Project Team and Ressources

Primary Sponsor/Work Group is Patient Care WG

Work Group Team Members
Role Name Email Notes
Project Co-Lead Laura Heermann Langford
Project Co-Lead Stephen Chu Co-Chair PCWG
Publishing facilitator ??
Vocabulary facilitator ??
Modeling facilitator Luigi Sison
Domain expert representative 1 Stephen Chu
Domain expert representative 2 Kevin Coonan
Domain expert representative 3 Susan Campbell??
Data Analyst facilitator ??
Business requirement analyst ??
Requirements process facilitator
Business requirement analyst
Requirements process facilitator ??
Implementor ??


Users of Care Plan

Contributors of the Care Plan Topic

To be revised.

Collaborating with Agreement status Comments
IMIA-NI Existing
IHE Existing
CEN Existing Swedish Care Plan project

Download CEN materials from Sweden here:

See also the reference material wiki page (link above)

Project Resources

Most will be done in normal committee work time, and online via meetings.

Project Budget

To be defined.

Action items

Table to be inserted.

=Ballot strategy - general||

To be defined.