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Care Plan Domain Analysis Model 2.0

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PCWG initiated two inter-related projects in 2011:

  • Care Plan Domain Analysis Model (DAM) project
  • Care Coordination Services Function Model project

The Care Plan DAM project completed two rounds of informative ballot and was published in May 2016.
The four corner stone constructs of the Care Plan DAM logical models have been implemented as Care Plan templates in C-CDA-IG:

    • Health Concern
    • Goal
    • Intervention
    • Assessment/Outcome

FHIR has created three related resources:

    • CarePlan
    • CareTeam
    • Goal

A number of implementation comments and suggestions have been received by the PCWG Care Plan project team.
The project team believes that it is timely for the published Care Plan DAM specification to undergo review and improvements based on implementation experiences and feedback from FHIR and C-CDA based Care Plans.

A new project is initiated with the objective to improve on the 2016 published Care Plan DAM specification, and produced a Care Plan DAM R2.0

Care Plan 2.0 Project Scope

  • To be developed

  • Working document:
    • At the San Diego WGM (September 2017) the PCWG Care Plan project core leadership group (Stephen Chu, Laura Heermann Langford, and Emma Jones) met to discuss what Care Plan DAM 2.0 would and should look like.
    • A number of ideas were discussed and captured in a document. This document is intended to be a working document, which will be developed further after the January 2018 WGM meeting:
- Care Plan DAM 2.0 Scoping Document - updated 2017-09 (San Diego WGM)

Project Plan

Useful Documents and Resources

  • Care Plan standards and related artefacts relationships
There are a number of Care Plan standards and related artefacts that have been produced. This artefacts map is the result of environmental scan and analysis effort. It organises Care Plan standards and related artefacts known in November 2017. The artefacts are categorised into the Conceptual. Logical, and Implementable layers. As new artefacts are produced and published, this document will be updated.
- Care Plan standards and related artefact map as at 2017-11

Project Leadership


  • Laura Heermann Langford, RN, PHD (Project co-lead)
  • Stephen Chu, MD, PhD (Project co-lead)
  • Emma Jones, RN (Project co-lead)

Modelling Facilitator

  • Jay Lyle

Vocabulary Facilitator

  • to be determined

Other Contributors

  • to be determined