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CTS2N - 27-Mar-12

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Minutes 6-March-2012

Roll Call

  • Ana Estelrich (AE)
  • Nicolas Canu (NC)
  • Russell Hamm (RH)

Agenda Check (Add or re-order agenda items if needed)

  • No re-odering or new items


  • Phast has participated to the Finalization Task Force (FTF) in Reston last week. Comments were made on the github with regards to the PIM, discussion on how the PIM is mapped to the SFM requirements, resolution of comments will be mailed for voting within FTF CTS2 within the week. Craig, Ken, Harol and Kevin cannot make it to the call (travelling).

Action Item Review

  • Reviewing Ana's mail with regards to how to continue work on CTS2 and get more people involved.
  • More exposure for the CTS2 work - having a report to the main Vocabulary WG calls.

Action Plan Brainstorm

  • Discuss goals and approach for HL7 CTS 2 Normative
    • Correct the errors in the SFM DSTU (typos and cut and paste)
    • Alignment with core principles
    • Requirements alignment between PIM and SFM
    • What do I do if I want to declare that an implementation is HL7 CTS2 compliant?

Preliminary agenda for next call