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CTS2N - 11-Jun-13

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Minutes 11-Jun-2013=

Roll Call


  • Ana Estelrich
  • Carmela Couderc
  • Senthil Nachimuthu
  • Russ Hamm

Agenda Check

  • No changes


  • Thanks to Ana and PHAST for hosting the WebEx
  • Ana will be attending the OMG meeting in Berlin, and will be presenting CTS2 as it applies to PHAST. Presenting with Harold Solbrig.
  • CTS2 calls will be weekly through the summer.
  • Russ will be unavailable on Tuesday June 18th do to travel.

Voting Decision Making Practices Review

Discussion surrounding how to best proceed with voting on CTS 2 ballot items. The Vocabulary WG currently requires two chairs and three attendees for quorum. For projects however (TermInfo, CTS2, etc.) we frequently only have one chair present. How should we best proceed with voting on Ballot reconciliation items?

From Karen Van: We need to follow the voting rules outlined in our Decision Making Practices (DMP).

For ballot reconciliation, once we have quorum we need to follow the rules in the GOM for the dispositions. Currently, for Normative ballots we require a 60% affirmative vote for Not Related and Not Persuasive. Persuasive requires 100% affirmative (not objections).

Motion (Carmela): Since the CTS2 WG rarely meets the quorum requirements of the Vocabulary WG, the CTS 2 Project groups proposes to determine recommended ballot comment dispositions for the CTS2 Normative Ballot within the CTS2 project calls, and bring these recommendations to the main Vocabulary WG calls for a formal vote. Second: Senthil For:3 Against:0 Abstain:0

Action: Russ will email the vocab list, to obtain acceptance of this proposal and time on the main Vocabulary WG calls.

Ballot ReconciliationBegan to discuss Ballot comment #5, addressing the incompleteness of Appendix C. The table is not defined as being “informative”. Need to work with Mayo on completing the table in Appendix C.

Ana identified an error in the document where “Appendix C” is referred to as “Appendix D”. Corrected.