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What is CTS2?

The Common Terminology Services 2 (CTS2) Standard is an API specification jointly developed by HL7 and the Object Management Group (OMG) for the distribution and federation of terminological resources, including code sets, classification systems, ontologies, value sets and mappings.

Like the HTML standard, which provides a common format for web pages and a way of linking them together, the CTS2 standard provides a common format for terminological resources, allowing them to be published at the source and to be referenced via hyperlinks.

Where do I start?

Key Links

Product Managers, Project Managers and Architects

Read Purpose, History, and Business Case first, then How It Works ( Federation and Functionality) and as much of the developer material as you need to support your team.

Service and Client Developers

Read How It Works ( Federation and Functionality) and both sections of Implementing CTS2 ( Architecture and Development). Lean on Resources (CTS2/doc/FAQ, CTS2/doc/Implementations, and CTS2/doc/Glossary) as necessary.

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