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* [ Indizen]  
* [ Indizen]  
* [ IT Server]
* [ IT Server]
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NOTE: If your organization is using CTS2, or if you have an implementation, please let us know!


A Python implementation of CTS2 provided by Mayo to expose the the contents of the SNOMED CT RF2 distribution

National Centers for Biomedical Ontology Bioportal

“The goal of the National Center for Biomedical Ontology is to support biomedical researchers in their knowledge-intensive work, by providing online tools and a Web portal enabling them to access, review, and integrate disparate ontological resources in all aspects of biomedical investigation and clinical practice.” The Bioportal provides terminology information to researchers both in a web page search tool and as a ReST API.

National Center for Biomedical Ontology SPARQL Endpoint

A "free and open SPARQL endpoint to query ontologies hosted in the BioPortal ontology repository. This SPARQL service, that is in BETA status, is stable for testing by [NCBO's] community of users."

eXist Implementation

A CTS2 implementation based on the eXist XML database.

Meaningful Use Quality Measure Value Set Service

"The Value Set Viewer is a desktop application style web application that allows users to browse value sets and their members. This web application connects to value set service providers including those curated as meaningful use standards by the National Quality Forum. The Viewer's functionality is designed to allow users to access value sets without explicit knowledge of the standards that created them and to make unambiguous choices of a given value set. User selected value sets can be downloaded in a variety of formats."


"Phast is one of the official terminology providers in France for the institutional use of medication and medical devices. . . Phast is a terminology provider and distributor in hospital Pharmacy Medication Terminology (CIOsp) and Medical Devices Terminology – (CIOdm) using proprietary means. The natural course of Phast's parallel activities is to find a mechanism of managing these terminologies in a more efficient manner, switching to web services and providing a more robust and internationally-aligned mechanism."


"ITServer is a terminology server that allows you to manage and navigate the different local and standard terminologies such as SNOMED CT,ICD-9-MC,ICD-10,LOINC, etc. Moreover, it's a tool that allows you to normalize the information, map between different terminologies/catalogs, create subsets, etc. It also offers a wide range of Web Services in CTS2 that facilitate the integration and sharing of information with heterogeneous systems."

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