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HL7 MIF Terminology

This document describes the vocabulary section of the HL7 MIF and describes how it relates to the corresponding CTS2 models.


While it is tempting to begin with the MIF XML Schema's and work forward, one quickly discovers that the the set of things that can be expressed in the MIF is extremely rich. The things that currently are expressed, however, constitute a small subset of what could be there. As it could take weeks to traverse all of the nuances of the MIF Vocabulary section, we instead take the pragmatic approach, starting with DEFN=UV=VO=1189-20121121.coremif and describing maps for things that exist in this document.

The MIF to OWL transformation is used heavily in this process, both as a reference document and for determining URI's associations and other aspects of the transformation itself. The goal, in the end, is that the CTS2 rendering should be equally applicable (and, maybe, isomorphic?) with the OWL transformation.