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CTS2/doc/CTS2 SFM SlotArea

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SFM and PIM slot annotation mapping

The CTS2 SFM describes an AnnotationAttribute, which references an optional collection of Slots. This "type class provides a type for an 'annotation attribute' within the classes which needs additional annotations beyond basic annotation like the one provided with the attribute 'provenanceDetails' present in many classes.". The CTS2 PIM did not use the ''<<type>>'' stereotype, instead adding optional property sets (almost) everywhere where appropriate. The figure below describes the SFM and PIM correlation in more detail:


Class SFM PIM Description
Slot slot_value Property.value[1..*] The CTS2 PIM refines the possible values of a slot to include entity, resource, and literal values.
slot_name property.predicate Typing this to a formal predicate makes slot names terminological entities themselves - subclasses of RDF Property
slot_datatype property.value.literal.format[0..1]
AnnotationAttribute (none) The CTS2 PIM chose not to use a run-time attribute binding model.
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