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CTS2 SFM and CTS2 PIM Entity Versioning Model


The CTS2 SFM includes the following version related attributes:

  • versionId - "A version identifier that uniquely identifies each version of a CodeSystemEntityVersion"
  • effectiveDate - "The start date when the version is deemed to be valid for use"
  • previousVersion - "Identification of the previous version of the code system entity, which enables tracking of sequencing of versions, and identification of missing versions on the server instance."
  • status - "A status to identify the state (mainly for curation)"
  • statusDate - "A status date to identify the date the status was set to its current value (for curation)"
  • provenanceDetails - "Provenance information relating to the version of the CodeSystemEntityVersion
  • isConceptInitiatior - "A (derivable but useful) indicator that identifies which CodeSystemVersion iniated the definition of the Concept or Code" (moved from CodeSystemEntityVersionMembership - see SFM Entity Area for details.

The relationship between these elements and the CTS2 PIM change model is described in the table below

SFM PIM Reason
versionId changeSetURI
  1. A CTS2 Service instance may choose to support the HISTORY and/or the TEMPORAL profiles. If neither of these profiles is supported, the service does not need to maintain any historical information about changes to individual code system entities. When one or both of these is present, however, the cardinality of the changeDescription and containingSet becomes [1..1]. When present, changeSetURI serves the same role as versionId in the PIM. Note that a given versionId may be associated with more than one NamedEntityDescription.
effectiveDate ChangeDescription.effectiveDate
previousVersion[0..1] prevChangeSet[0..1]
prevImage[0..1] If present, prevImage carries a copy of the state of the NamedEntityDescription before the change occurred.
status entryState Determines the state of the entity from a service perspective - whether the entry is ACTIVE or INACTIVE
status[0..1] Determines the status of the entity from the perspective of the source organization workflow.
statusDate[0..1] ChangeDescription.changeDate the date of when the change occurred.
provenanceDetails[0..1] changeNotes, changeSource, creator, changeInstructions, officialEffectiveDate
isConceptInitiator changeType == CREATE

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