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CTS2/doc/CTS2 SFM EntityProperty

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The above diagram has a slightly modified view of the SFM. The CodeSystemSupplement class has been included to show the extra association between it and DefinedEntityProperty.

SFM PIM Reason
Designation Designation
DesignationType Designation.formatReference[0..1] The CTS2 PIM recommends (but currently does not require) that the format reference be drawn from the IETF mime types

Note that there doesn't currently appear an official way to represent a mime type as a URI. The CTS2 PIM is suggesting, although may be a viable alternative. The CTS2 PIM makes formatReference is optional, with text/plain assumed if not present.

Note that Note, Definition, Comment and Example also have formatReference attributes as well

DefinedEntityProperty AnnnotationProperty (not shown in this diagram - discussed in Entity Class Model)
EntityPropertyVersion one of: Definition, Example, Comment or Property The CTS2 PIM spells out several additional property types besides Designation.

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